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Eco-friendly laminate

Why our customers choose laminate

01. Affordability

Laminate flooring is significantly less expensive than other floor types, like stone, hardwood, or tile flooring.  If budget is a primary concern, then this type of flooring is likely the answer.

The reason that laminate costs a lot less is because it is manufactured out of recycled materials.  Raw materials are expensive.  But when raw materials are degraded past the point of usefulness, the can be processed into products like laminate.

That being said, there are a lot of different grades of laminate.  Some are infused with low quality plastics and waste.  Our laminates are made inside our factory, exclusively from recycled hardwood flooring.  That means that you get the best laminate flooring possible.

02. Hypoallergenic

Many natural materials have textures and patterns that are irregular in nature.  That is really what makes them so beautiful.  But the problem is that this natural variation also introduces crevices and holes into flooring made from these materials.

These spaces will over time fill with organic matter.  Hair and skin cells from the people and possibly animals living in the home / office is the primary source of this organic matter and it is unavoidable.

Over time that organic material will start to decompose and in the process allergens will be produced.  People with congested elimination organs already have or will over time develop allergies to this matter.  But laminate is perfectly smooth and so reduced the accumulation of this matter.

03. Moisture Resistance

Hardwood floors if they are properly sealed and maintained regularly will not be impacted by moisture in the air and small scale spills.  This is a big if.

In our experience on the most professional management companies put in the kind of care needed to maintain the seals on hardwood floors for this to be a reality.  If water gets in ... the hardwood starts to rot and that is the beginning of the end.

Laminate can be specifically designed to be moisture repellant.  You just don't need to worry.  And in areas where moisture is expected, like bathrooms and kitchens it can be a really good cost effective alternative to stone or tile.

04. Environmentally Friendly

We've already talked about how most laminate is made from recycled materials.  That means you are reusing existing raw materials and that is a good thing from an environmental sustainability standpoint.

Now the question is though, is the environment this laminate flooring is creating in the property healthy for the people living in it?  We say this because you would be surprised by the kinds of byproducts added to laminate flooring.  Many of these are highly toxic and are consistently released from the flooring every day.

We use only premium hardwood as our based recycled material and non-toxic filler to ensure that our laminate floor is safe for your health.


waterproof laminate floor
Waterproof Laminate

Our best selling laminate class is the waterproof laminate.  Water resistant laminate features water-resistant core materials and advanced sealing methods to prevent water from getting into the core.

With waterproof laminate we take this to the next level.  We make sure that the entire laminate plank is impervious to water.  We have different types of planks that are infused with a plastic or resin core.  They are impervious to water damage.

Unlike carpet or hardwood, planks are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or any other location where water damage is a concern.

AC5 laminate flooring
AC5 Laminate

AC stands for Abrasion Class.  The higher the AC rating the more durable the laminate.  We sell AC5 laminate and this is the highest AC class laminate.

Laminate in general has a durability problem compared to other flooring materials.  As a recycled product it is simply software and more likely to wear out.  But our AC5 laminate product has a lot of added durability.  

Regular laminate that typically has an AC3 or AC4 rating and is only acceptable to use in residential applications.  Our AC5 laminate is perfect for use in commercial applications. 

wide-plank laminate flooring
Wide-Plank Laminate

Another one of our best-sellers is wide plank laminate.  It can be very challenging to make wide planks out of hardwood, stone, or tile.  But just about any manufacturer can press material into the desired shape.

But will these planks be strong enough for the required application?  Laminate is already a weaker material compared to other flooring types so this is a real concern.  

Fortunately, we have a patented process in place that makes our wide plank laminate 3x strong than even the standard thin plank laminate used in the industry.  


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