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Why our customers choose hardwood

01. Elegance

There is no questions that carpet can have a majestic look.  It can have a nice royal, opulent touch.  And good quality, properly manufactured laminate floor can be a nice subtle choice when you don't want the floor to be too visible and you want other features to shine.

But when it comes to elegance, the only real choice is hardwood.  There is something extremely classy about a properly preserved wood floor.  It has a classic and timeless nature. 

Maybe it's because the wood itself is often made from trees that were hundreds of years old.  Maybe it's because the wood give the room a very warm character.  Whatever it's qualities, wood flooring is elegance itself.

02. Durability

Yes, hardwood floors require maintenance and we offer service contracts to ensure that your wood stays looking your best.  We also offer products so that you can manage the maintenance yourself.

It does require effort, but if you put in the work, your floor can last many hundreds of years.  It can actually last over a century.  

Why?  Because wood is a very strong and resilient material.  It can easily handle foot traffic.  And it is naturally more resistant to wear and tear than other flooring materials.  

Hardwood is an investment when it comes to cost and maintenance.  But from value return standpoint stands in a class all of its own.

03. Resale Value

Hardwood floors are our biggest sellers.  Why?  We were surprised to find out that our large commercial buyers have data suggesting that wood floors have the best resell value.

Sure wood floors are very durable and likely to stay in great shape for many years.  But even when compared with brand new laminate or carpet flooring, hard wood adds the most value to a property that is being re-sold.  

Perhaps it's because hardwood flooring is considered a premium feature.  After all, it is the most expensive of the flooring types, save maybe marble, and that commands the attention of buyers.

04. Sustainability

There are many flooring options available, but none come even close from a sustainability standpoint to hardwood.  When hardwood is produced in sustainably grown tree farms, the resource is sustainable almost indefinitely.

Our tree grows have been in operation for over a century, years before we even transitioned to making hardwood floors.  We are careful to select trees in such a way as to maintain the overall health of our grove.  

Hardwood is not only readily replenishable it is also sustainable because the product itself is ecologically friendly.  It will break down in a matter of years completely into its organic components and become one with the soil.  There is absolutely no toxicity to the environment.


oak wood floor

The most popular wood used in hardwood flooring is oak.  Why?  It is one of the strongest woods.  It is the hardest.  And that means that it is extremely durable.  It will be able to withstand foot traffic.  It can even handle things like chairs and tables that are not padded because it is harder than the wood those items are actually made out of.

Another feature of oak is the grain patterns.  These are considered to be especially beautiful.  The red oak has really beautiful pinkish undertones in the swirls.  The white oak has a cool hue.

cherry wood floor

Cherry is a beautiful hardwood.  It has a rich reddish color, infused with brown.  It is truly elegant.

What is amazing about cherry is that it's color actually darkens and increases in richness over time.  That is why aged cherry wood is actually significantly more expensive the younger cherry wood.

Of course you need to properly care for any hardwood for it to grow in value, but if you give your cherry wood flooring the love they deserve the will be a true investment.

hickory wood floor

If oak is one of the strongest woods, then hickory is the strongest.  Many of our clients are in the commercial and residential resale spaces.  They need their properties to be durable, so that they can maximize profits.

Durability means that they will have to do less repairs when the properties are being rented out.  It also means that fewer repairs need to be done after the clients move out.  And finally less repairs will need to be done to sell the properties.

Oak can really take a beating, all while looking amazing, and that is why our customers love it.


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