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Why our customers choose carpet

01. Ease of Manufacturing

There is really nothing like stepping on a soft, warm comfort when you wake up on a frigid morning.  It's just a delight!

And there is no other floor surface that is as comfortable to sit on.  Carpet provides natural cushioning, something with which neither hardwood or laminate flooring can compete.

But there is another reason why carpet is king. It is easy to manufacture. You can string together many different production sequences of carpets at a factory without requiring changeovers. This means that you can run machinery at fully capacity and maximum efficiency. The result is that you can make a lot of different varieties of carpets at a low cost.

Comfort is also becoming important in business settings, so more and more we are seeing orders coming in from our commercial clients too.

02. Noise Reduction

Carpet material traps sound waves.  That makes it perfect for reducing noise.  

Many homes are built with carpeting on the second story where the bedrooms are to insulate those areas from the more noisy downstairs areas.  

Office buildings often have carpeting to reduce the disturbance of hundreds or even thousands of people make as they walk around and do other activities.

Regular carpet is a good start, but there are speciality formulated carpets that take noise reduction to the next level ... more on that below.

03. Aesthetics

Carpets can create some aesthetic arrangements unlike any other material.  Sure natural materials like hardwood and stone can be beautiful in their own right.  But carpet can come in just about any color and texture.  You can really do much more.

You can drape a red carpet and give your customers the "Royal Treatment."  Or you can use more subtle colors to create a homey feel.  You can use vivid, intricate patterns to create a sense of opulence.  Or you can put down a neutral single colored carpet to put the focus on other features in the room.

With carpet the floor is your playground!

04. Easy Maintenance

Yes carpets require regular cleaning.  While regular maintenance is required it is cheap and simple. 

Compare that to sealing hardwood floors, which requires labor and equipment few companies have available.  You may only have to seal hardwood once every couple of years, but it will end up costing you much more than the vacuuming and carpet cleaning you do more frequently.

And you don't even have to do it yourself.  We offer extended cleaning packages for many of our customers because we have built relationships with reliable carpet cleaning companies over the years.


plush pile carpet
Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile is the most popular carpet on the market and one this is most used in residential homes.  We offer this carpet in two styles:

1. Plush - This style has a smooth and even texture.  The surface is even.  It has a very elegant, formal look.

2. Textured - This style is created by twisting the carpet yarn in different directions.  This type of carpet is softer and more casual.  

It is also great for obscuring marks from the vacuum or from walking.

berber loop pile carpet
Loop Pile Carpet

This carpet is also a popular one for homes.  We have three different styles available:

1. Berber - This carpet is made from natural fibers like wool.  It provides durability and comes in a wide array of colors.

2. Level Loop - This carpet has loops of the same height.  It is very durable and perfect for areas with a lot of foot traffic.

3. Multi-Level Loop - This carpet has cool patterns and texture because the loops are of different lengths.  

olefin carpet
Olefin Carpet

Olefin carpets are made from polypropylene.  This is a synthetic fiber derived from petroleum.  As such it is a plastic and highly repellant to water.

This makes this carpet highly resilient to spills and stains.  Olefin carpets are great for large commercial spaces like workshops and restaurants.

They can be easily cleaned and are quite durable.  Ideally the space should be well ventilated because being synthetic, they do off-gas volatile chemicals.


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