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Founded in 1924

William Ponce founded Flooring Solutions in Charlotte, NC in 1924.  Charlotte was very different then than it is today.  It was a small city with a population of only 45,000 inhabitants.  But it was growing rapidly, thanks to the textile and manufacturing industries like Flooring Solutions.

The architecture of the city center had many historical style buildings, including the Victorian, Colonial Revival, and Georgian Revival styles.  These constructions favored high quality wood flooring the Flooring Solutions became known for early on.

Since its inception Mr. Ponce refused to cut costs.  Famously he refused to complete an order for the North Carolina Union Bank (NCUB), the biggest order of hardwood he had to date.  The problem was that some of the wood was not up to his quality standards and thus could not be cut into the floor boards. 

NCUB construction managers assured Mr. Ponce that they were totally fine with the raw material and asked him to continue.  When he refused again, the threatened to cancel the whole order.  He famously said, "We do it right or not at all."  In the end, the order was completed.  To this day that is the Flooring Solutions motto.


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Same Dedication to Quality Today

In some ways many things have changed since 1924.  Charlotte and Flooring Solutions have grown up.  Today Charlotte is a vibrant, modern metropolis.  Its economy has skyrocketed and diversified.  Today Charlotte is a major economic center with an assortment of financial, technology, and manufacturing businesses.  Its population is also much more diverse and dynamic.

And Flooring Solutions have followed suit.  In 1972, we started to offer laminate flooring and we added the carpet line in 2004.  Both of these products have helped us diversity and serve the growing needs of both the residents and businesses in Charlotte, but also around the world.  

Some things change and some things don't.  Flooring Solutions is still a family business, run by the current CEO and William Ponce's great granddaughter Judy Ponce.  Flooring Solutions continues to retain its reputation for impeccable attention to detail and quality standards.



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